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Plasma cutting is a remarkable technique used to accurately cut through various conductive materials, such as steel, using a high-velocity jet of ionized gas, known as plasma. This process involves directing an electrical arc through the gas, which raises its temperature to an extremely high level, turning it into plasma. The plasma jet swiftly melts away the material being cut, creating a clean and precise incision.


Plasma cutting is valued for its ability to handle thicker materials compared to some other cutting methods. It finds extensive use in industries like construction, metal fabrication, and automotive manufacturing, where its efficiency and effectiveness are highly appreciated for shaping metal components of different sizes and complexities.


Benefits of Plasma Cutting


Plasma cutting is a versatile and efficient cutting method with advantages suited for a range of applications, particularly when dealing with thicker materials and larger projects. Here’s how:



Red checkmark Versatility: Plasma cutting works on carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Red checkmark Speed: Plasma cutting is faster than traditional cutting methods, enhancing production efficiency.


Red checkmark Thick Materials: It can handle thicker materials ( up to 1.250” thick ) compared to some other cutting processes.


Red checkmark Precision: While not as precise as laser cutting, modern plasma cutting systems offer high levels of accuracy.


Red checkmark Clean Cuts: Plasma cutting results in clean, smooth cuts with minimal dross (residual material).


Red checkmark Narrow Kerf: The width of the cut, known as the kerf, is narrow, reducing material waste.


Red checkmark Low Maintenance: Plasma cutting equipment requires relatively low maintenance compared to some other cutting methods.



Red checkmark Minimal Heat Affected Zone: Plasma cutting generates less heat, minimizing distortion in the surrounding material.

Red checkmark Scalability: Plasma cutting can be used for both small-scale and large-scale projects.

Red checkmark Cost-Effective: : Plasma cutting is generally more cost-effective than laser cutting for thicker materials.

Red checkmark Portability: Handheld plasma cutters are portable and can be used in various locations.

Red checkmark Automation: Unlike flame cutting, plasma cutting doesn't require preheating of the material.

Red checkmark No Preheating Required: Laser cutting doesn't involve physical tools, eliminating wear and tear associated with traditional cutting methods.




Plasma Cutting machine



Our Technology


Our plasma cutting machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed to precisely and efficiently cut through various conductive materials, such as carbon steel, using a focused jet of ionized gas, known as plasma. A plasma cutting machine produces a finished product, to exact customer specifications, in a very quick turnaround time. This ensures that the customers’ project can move ahead efficiently.


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Here are some key aspects of a plasma cutting machine:



Red checkmark Technology: The machine operates based on the principles of electrical conductivity and thermal energy. It creates a high-energy electrical arc that passes through a stream of gas, causing the gas to become plasma. This superheated plasma, directed through a cutting nozzle, rapidly melts and blows away the material being cut. Our bed size is 12’ wide x 63’ long. 

Red checkmark Components: A typical plasma cutting machine consists of several components, including a power supply unit that generates the electrical arc, a control system (often CNC) that guides the machine's movements, a cutting torch or nozzle, and gas supply equipment.


Red checkmark Materials:  Plasma cutting machines can effectively cut a wide range of materials, including mild steel and stainless steel. The machine's capabilities vary depending on the thickness and type of material.




Red checkmark Thickness:  Plasma cutting is particularly advantageous for thicker materials that might be challenging to cut using other methods. The machine's ability to handle various thicknesses makes it suitable for a range of industrial applications.

Red checkmark Speed:  Plasma cutting is known for its fast cutting speeds, making it a preferred choice for industries that require efficient material processing.

Red checkmark Applications:  Plasma cutting machines are widely used in industries such as metal fabrication, automotive manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, and more. They are instrumental in producing components, parts, and structures with specific shapes and dimensions.




Red checkmark Accuracy and Precision:  Modern plasma cutting machines are equipped with advanced technology
to ensure high levels of accuracy and precision in cutting. CNC systems guide the machine's movements, resulting
in intricate and complex cuts.

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