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We offer traditional Plasma or High Definition Plasma for fast, accurate and efficient processing of a variety of material.


For gauge items or heavier plate steel, the Plasma machine delivers an extremely clean cut with minimal distortion. The over size table enables a variety of part sizes and combinations to be produced simultaneously for maximum results.  This method of cutting is considerably faster than Flame cutting allowing us to pass the savings directly on to our customers.


Our CNC controlled Hi-Definition Plasma machines are generally used to cut flat sheets and plates to produce custom metal parts and custom metal patterns. The process involves gas being passed through a narrow nozzle at high velocity which is connected to an electric current which creates an ionised plasma stream. This stream melts the metal while any molten material is blown away by the high velocity gas resulting in a clean cut edge.


From one-offs to thousands of profiles Amber Steel can supply and finish to your specifications and tolerances. We are also able to offer machining, grinding and drilling services.






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