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Our focus is simple — we produce specific parts so that the customer has a finished product.

Through detailed and advanced manufacturing practices, we cut steel using laser, plasma and flame cutting technologies and manufacture a finished product that our customers can insert right into their production line.

From the initial project conversation to the product delivery day, we ensure an easy and headache-free process for our customers.

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Maintain a Large Inventory

Amber maintains a large inventory of quality steel materials to respond effectively to our customer's delivery requirements. Material certification and test reports guarantee both the quality and uniformity of all finished products.



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  • Laser: 6000 watt and 10000 fiber laser machines
  • Brake: Two 12ft Presses offering up to 230 tons capacity
  • Shear: 10-foot Shear up to 1/2" capacity
  • Saw: Hyd-Mech Auto Feed Band Saw
  • Hi Def Plasma: Two Head Hi Def Machine
  • Flame Cutting: Two Multi-head Oxy-Fuel Tables
  • Welding: CWB Approved Welding Department
  • Surface Grinding: To clean up or to a Tolerance
  • Vertical Machining Centres: 2 new Haas VMCs



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Materials We Offer

  • Hot Rolled Sheet & Plate
  • A36, 44W, 50W, QT 100 & 400
  • Checker Plate
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized & Satin Coat Sheet
Laser LVD cutting steel




Laser cutting uses precision and versatility in various industries such as manufacturing and automotive, showcasing a synergy of advanced technology and craftsmanship in material fabrication.



Plasma Cutting tool




Plasma cutting accurately slices through conductive materials, like steel, using a high-speed plasma jet generated by ionized gas. By raising the gas temperature to create plasma, this method efficiently melts away material, making it a preferred choice for industries like construction and metal fabrication, where it excels in cutting various thicknesses and intricate shapes.



Flame Cutting tools




Flame cutting is a conventional technique that uses a combination of oxygen and fuel gas to heat and rapidly oxidize metal surfaces, creating clean cuts, especially in thicker materials like steel.





We stock quality steel materials for efficient deliveries. Certified reports ensure product quality & uniformity.




Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Amber Steel, we place a strong focus on sustainability.


We believe in using resources wisely and not wasting anything during the process of cutting and manufacturing steel. This means that we use or recycle every piece of steel without throwing any of it away. By doing this, we help reduce pollution and save energy. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that we manufacture steel in a way that is friendly to the environment, making us the ideal choice for environmentally-conscious customers.


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